A global initiative to equip parents with the vital products and education needed to give babies a safe, healthy, and equitable start in life.

It’s not really about the box, it’s about the education
— Dr. Kathie McCans, Chairwoman of New Jersey State Child Fatality and Near Fataility Review Board

Founded 2010
Invested 2016

Jennifer Clary
Michelle Vick

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The Baby Box Co. program is not just about the box - it’s also about education. The company’s digital education platform, Baby Box University, is making localized, expert-led educational content available to all parents. This content provides valuable, trustworthy information to new and expecting parents about a range of topics: safe sleep, prenatal nutrition, infant nutrition, what to expect during pregnancy, and much, much more. By combining the box and the education, The Baby Box program is increasing parental engagement with valuable educational content.




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