Dayo Fashoro

Operations Manager

A first generation Nigerian-American (her name means “Joy” in Yoruba), Dayo is a Stanford-educated JD with experience in the Labor & Employment practice group at Sheppard Mullin, at global pro bono law firm PILPG, and The Center for National Security Studies. The latter gave her experience in helping protect civil liberties from national security intrusions.  

While at high school Dayo participated in competitive Latin, and was passionate about classical era history. She chose Cornell for her undergraduate studies, centering on non-first world/Western pre and post-colonial history, with relation to identity, human rights, and the global economy.

During law school, she concentrated on labor and employment law, human rights and gender-based legal issues, serving as a student clerk at the Stanford Community Law Clinic to address social good on a more micro level. Alongside her legal career, Dayo also became an entrepreneur, bringing a philosophical approach of minimalism to “organizing” for professional executive clients.    

Outside of work, Dayo is a huge music/audiophile, subscribing to no less than 115 Pandora stations (she recently had to upgrade her iPod to a fully-loaded 128GB, to accommodate her ever expanding music collection) and recently took black and white photography classes at Barnsdall Art Park, shooting on large format cameras (5 x 4” film stock), inspired by Ansel Adams.  

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