Jill O'Neal


Prior to joining Alpha Edison, Jill was Operations Manager at Sirius Advisors, a $600M AUM hedge fund based in Manhattan Beach, then Sr. Accountant and HR liaison at Rustic Canyon, a Santa Monica based VC firm. A Nebraska native, Jill first studied engineering, then transitioned to mathematics, with a minor in business, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

A trained ballet dancer, Jill had planned to become an entrepreneur and open her own studio - an ambition she may yet return to when her three small sons are grown. After the birth of her first child, seeking a creative outlet, she taught herself Photoshop and Illustrator, and developed a small business making high end greetings cards, which she sold through her own Etsy store.

Today Jill and her husband can be found volunteering at the little league baseball field or football field most weekends.

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