Loui Smith


Before joining Alpha Edison, Loui worked in digital marketing for real estate professionals and multi-sector event planners.

After growing up in Aspen, she moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, first as a business and economics major, then, after exposure to new ideas through the core curriculum there, transitioned to sociology with a minor in entrepreneurship. Fascinated by how, and why, we make decisions which are unconsciously culturally-derived, Loui continues to use this as a lens in her work today.

While at UCLA, Loui held multiple executive level positions in Pi Beta Phi. She oversaw all chapter events for 180 members, supervised four committee chairs, with an $80,000 events budget, and remains involved with the sorority at large.

A passionate environmentalist, Loui is both a vegan and animal protection advocate. In her downtime, she enjoys exploring hiking trails around the LA area and visiting her local farmers market for fresh ingredients to use in her cooking and baking.

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