An engineer and entrepreneurship enthusiast, Haitham holds an
engineering BS from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and
a  (French) Scientific Baccalaureate in Mathematics from Lycée
Descartes. In college, he founded two start-ups, receiving faculty and
investor backing for both. He also conducted a research project in
Computer Vision at the University College London, under the
supervision of Prof. Jan Boehm in the 3D impact research group. After
his graduation, Haitham worked at an early-stage technology start-up
in NYC where he designed mission-critical algorithms, and took part in
a range of contract and open-source software projects in San
Francisco, winning a hackathon along the way.

Prior to settling in LA, Haitham lived in half a dozen different
cities across the US, Western Europe and North Africa. Now, he is very
content with traditional short-term travel. Haitham loves sports in
any way, shape or form, but more so in the shape of a soccer ball.

Haitham El Mengad

Software Engineer

 Britt Dannenman     Investing & Research

Britt Dannenman    Investing & Research

 Robey Miller     Investing & Research

Robey Miller    Investing & Research

 Fen Zhao     Data Science & Research

Fen Zhao    Data Science & Research

 Nick Grouf   Managing Partner

Nick Grouf  Managing Partner

 Nate Redmond     Managing Partner

Nate Redmond    Managing Partner

 Haitham El Mengad     Software Engineer

Haitham El Mengad    Software Engineer

 Vikas Gupta     Entrepreneur in Residence

Vikas Gupta    Entrepreneur in Residence

 Dayo Fashoro    Operations Lead

Dayo Fashoro   Operations Lead

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Loui Smith    Office Manager & Administrative Assistant

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Jill O'Neal    Controller


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