Prior to joining Alpha Edison, Jill was the Sr. Accountant and HR liaison at Rustic Canyon, a Santa Monica based VC firm. Prior to Rustic Canyon, she was the Operations Manager at Sirius Advisors, a $600M AUM hedge fund based in Manhattan Beach. Jill is a native of Nebraska and received her BS in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. When she’s not knee deep in financial statements or an Excel spreadsheet, she loves to channel her inner creativity by crafting, baking or graphic design.  She and her husband enjoy spending time outdoors with their three sons and can be found at the little league baseball field or football field most weekends.

Jill O'Neal


 Britt Dannenman     Investing & Research

Britt Dannenman    Investing & Research

 Robey Miller     Investing & Research

Robey Miller    Investing & Research

 Fen Zhao     Data Science & Research

Fen Zhao    Data Science & Research

 Nick Grouf   Managing Partner

Nick Grouf  Managing Partner

 Nate Redmond     Managing Partner

Nate Redmond    Managing Partner

 Haitham El Mengad     Software Engineer

Haitham El Mengad    Software Engineer

 Vikas Gupta     Entrepreneur in Residence

Vikas Gupta    Entrepreneur in Residence

 Dayo Fashoro     Operations Lead

Dayo Fashoro    Operations Lead

 Loui Smith     Office Manager & Administrative Assistant

Loui Smith    Office Manager & Administrative Assistant

 Jill O'Neal     Controller

Jill O'Neal    Controller


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