Loui recently graduated from UCLA with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Entrepreneurship. While at UCLA, Loui held multiple executive level positions in her sorority and had jobs and internships at a variety of companies. Before joining Alpha Edison, Loui worked as an administrative assistant at a local startup. 

Loui is passionate about animals and enjoys volunteering at the Best Friends’ NKLA Animal Rescue in her free time. Having grown up in Aspen, Colorado, Loui enjoys hiking, skiing, and spending time outdoors. She heads to her neighborhood farmers’ market each weekend and is also an avid baker. 

Loui Smith

Office Manager & Administrative Assistant

 Britt Dannenman     Investing & Research

Britt Dannenman    Investing & Research

 Robey Miller     Investing & Research

Robey Miller    Investing & Research

 Fen Zhao     Data Science & Research

Fen Zhao    Data Science & Research

 Nick Grouf   Managing Partner

Nick Grouf  Managing Partner

 Nate Redmond     Managing Partner

Nate Redmond    Managing Partner

 Haitham El Mengad     Software Engineer

Haitham El Mengad    Software Engineer

 Vikas Gupta     Entrepreneur in Residence

Vikas Gupta    Entrepreneur in Residence

 Dayo Fashoro    Operations Lead

Dayo Fashoro   Operations Lead

 Loui Smith     Office Manager & Administrative Assistant

Loui Smith    Office Manager & Administrative Assistant

 Jill O'Neal     Controller

Jill O'Neal    Controller


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