Brainbase Raises $8M Series A

May 22, 2020
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This week Brainbase announced its Series A fundraise, and we are excited to be part of the team.

Intellectual property licensing is a well-established business process, but it has been a largely sleepy software vertical. The licensing business is complex and distributed — license holders navigate an increasing variety of contracts all across the world. Among other requirements, they must manage a changing IP library, negotiate specialized deals, find new partners, validate the quality of partners, and track royalties, all across time zones, geographies, and languages. Many licensors started as original producers and over time have transitioned to a licensing business model. However, their tools and software have not kept up.

When we first met Nate, Karl, and Nikolai we were struck by their clarity of thought on how to build a better way forward. They have learned best practices from many other product categories and created an elegant new category to build an easy to use system that is licensing native. With such a strong and simple product they are able to streamline processes and reduce administrative costs across the entire process (note: sorry Dad who is a lawyer). By reducing complexity and costs, Brainbase can remove hurdles to adoption and unlock latent demand — allowing brands and their partners to generate new revenue streams.

This is a business with pronounced network effects. Brainbase is building the centralized source of truth around who holds the rights and value of royalties. Armed with that information, there are many opportunities to expand their business model. In the same way Carta built a network by managing cap tables, Brainbase is building a network around licensing requirements.

Nate, Karl, and Nikolai: We look forward to continuing to partner with you in the years ahead.

Britt Danneman & Team AE


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