Anastasia Buyalskaya, PhD

Behavioral Science & Research Advisor

Anastasia is a behavioral scientist applying academic insights to real-world challenges facing growing companies - from product development to marketing strategy. She has consulted for a number of consumer-facing firms, including Tinder and Fitbit. 

Anastasia has worked in asset management for over 10 years, having founded the Behavioral Finance team at BlackRock Asset Management. In her role there, she partnered closely with portfolio managers and investment teams across a range of asset classes to drive more systematic and deliberate investment decisions with improved financial outcomes. Prior to BlackRock, she held research and business development roles at a hedge fund in New York. 

She was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and grew up in New York City. She now lives with her husband - an electric mobility strategist - and their two children in Paris. Anastasia holds a PhD in Social and Decision Neuroscience from Caltech, a MSc from Imperial College in London and a BA from Hunter College in New York. 

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Anastasia Buyalskaya, PhD