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Jaden Hou joins Alpha Edison as a data scientist, focused on applying cutting edge AI technologies to venture problems. He will be building new data pipelines involving neural nets and NLP to better help AE understand sector vulnerability and silent suffering. 

Recently graduated from the University of Southern California, Jaden Hou joins Alpha Edison with his master degree of Applied Data Science. He enjoys leveraging his data science skillset to solve business problems and track insights buried in massive data. 

Prior to joining Alpha Edison, Jaden was a graduate researcher at Information Sciences Institute, where he worked on a core part of the THOR (Text-enabled Humanitarian Operations in Real-time) framework, funded by the DARPA LORELEI program.
Jaden grew up in China and attended Dalian Maritime University where he earned a degree in Information Systems and Information Management. While at university, Jaden was the president of the student union, managing 122 student associations and organizations and planning large-scale festivals and events on campus. A motorcycle enthusiast and keen adventurer, Jaden enjoys all that LA has to offer. He spends his weekends exploring the many amazing hikes around the state and snowboarding with friends.

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