Jolie Martin, PhD

Director of Behavioral Science & Research

As a director of Behavioral Science at Alpha Edison, Jolie's research focuses on understanding shifting consumer needs and preferences, and how to better serve them in order to unlock new markets. Before joining AE in 2019, Jolie spent 5+ years at Pinterest where she led quantitative user experience research and helped build a platform for people to find inspiration in their daily lives. Previously on Google’s Search Analysis team, Jolie conducted product experiments and surveys aimed at improving information accessibility, utility, and exploration for everyone.

Jolie completed postdocs at Carnegie Mellon University (Social and Decision Sciences) and Harvard's Program on Negotiation (HLS + HKS) after earning a PhD in Science, Technology, & Management from Harvard University, an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a BA from Northwestern University. Her academic research and teaching focused on Judgment and Decision Making, investigating the role of technology in shaping individual choices and social interactions across a variety of domains.

Jolie serves on the board of the non-profit EduCare Foundation, which enhances the lives and leadership of young people through social and emotional learning.

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Jolie Martin, PhD