Veronika Graves

Team Coordinator

A recent Enterprise Leadership (BA) graduate from the University of Iowa, Veronika co-founded the Coalescence Foundation, a dual model production company which creates dramas based on forgotten world crises, and donates profits back to those causes. Its most recent project is about the girl soldiers in North Uganda and the company won first prize at the Frontier Co-op–Tippie Impact competition.

After graduating, Veronika moved to California, inspired by her semester at the College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA. She took an eclectic set of courses there, including sign language and jazz music theory, doing her final presentation on Miles Davis.

A keen adventurer, Veronika has traveled widely, across Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Sweden), and China, and hopes to head to the Swiss Alps next (with her snowboard). An impassioned environmentalist, Veronika volunteered on the climate committee for NextGen America, encouraging people to register to vote and participate in democratic action.

She is also an animal rights activist and spent time with a raptor rescue unit, taking birds of prey back into the wild after rehabilitation from miscreant hunting, and other practices.

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